JCEconomics.com helps you take your grades to the next level for your A-Level Economics Examination. We provide top quality  Economics tuition to students in Singapore.


  • Struggling to keep pace with school lectures
  • Overwhelmed by the content-heavy syllabus
  • Unable to score at examinations due to lack of skills
  • In need of clarification of the many doubts you have

Then you probably need guidance from an experienced Economics tutor! Look no further than JCEconomics.com, where Mr Anthony Fok can address any concerns that you may have.

JCEconomics.com will guide you to your distinction through a specially designed programme focusing on:

  • Zooming into key economics concepts
  • Refining skills set
  • Extra content not covered in school but necessary for examinations

…with lessons that are:

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Economics is one of the hardest subjects to score a distinction in the A-Level Examinations for various reasons.

1. It is not merely based on theories.

Students used to be expected to simply know their theories inside out. Today, almost every question requires students to know their concepts and be able to apply them to a specific context.

This sounds easy, but requires a whole set of skills, from question analysis to application as well as a sound understanding of real world economic events. Unfortunately teachers often do not have enough time to cover the syllabus let alone focus on such important skills.

At JCEconomics.com, we focus on these skills, because they are what gets you your distinction.

2. It is a new subject.

Economics is a subject no one has encountered before, with everyone starting at the same starting line. Students who chose it because “everyone takes it” may find themselves startled by how vastly different it is compared to any subject they have ever encountered.

At JCEconomics.com, we help you to get familiar with the subject, fast. Through breaking down of abstract concepts into simple ideas, you will be able to understand the subject in no time.

3. The content is massive.

Including both macroeconomic and microeconomic concepts, students find themselves unable to “memorize” the entire set of notes unlike in secondary school. There is no way to get around this problem but to stop the “memorise word-for-word” method and instead understand the concepts properly! A sound understanding of concepts will serve you far far better than rote learning. JCEconomics.com will help you to organize topics such that you can understand and remember them better!

As one saying goes, “One never learns to understand truly anything but what one loves.” You may, for one or more of the reasons stated above, find yourself not in love with Economics.

However, this can change with help from JCEconomics.com! Fall in love with Economics and see yourself do well in it!

The Programme

Lecture Style Lessons

The weekly lessons are central and integral to the JCEconomics.com programme. Through attending lessons consistently, students accumulate skills and experience to improve their Economics steadily. Lessons usually involve the going through of case studies, with Mr Fok pointing out salient concepts, introducing new skills and reinforcing old ones.

Individual feedback

Every student is important over here at JCEconomics.com. Other than attending lecture-style lessons, students can also stay back to ask for additional guidance/ clarification. This is especially for students who are too shy to speak out in class.

Students can also submit answers (school or tuition work) to Mr Fok for him to provide feedback. This allows students to practice even more and thus improve even faster.

Intensive Workshops

These 3 hour workshops during the holidays right before major examinations are meant to consolidate whatever students need to know for the upcoming test. They often involve going through tough questions students can expect to see in their exams, with Mr Fok guiding them through the entire answering process. A summary of concepts is also often given to help students feel more prepared.

24/7 Support

Students have Mr Anthony Fok to help them 24/7! They can clarify any doubts there and then instead of having to wait for the next tuition lesson. This promotes independent self-study and yet allows some form of guidance should they need any.

Take your Economics grades to the next level!

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